We have moved

so, we haven’t blogged in a while, we currently have been working on a few projects at the moment and I am
happy to say, Sunday Knights have officially become a .com website 🙂


Please visit and join us there. We will unfortunately no longer update this blog.


Lust List: black and leather bags oh my .. [alexander wang]

Autumn is almost here in sydney and its making me want to buy new bags to go along with it, nice comfy, textured bags to go along with the wintery feel. Unfortunatly lately ive been spying Alexander Wang bags which are sadly out of my budget, but hey…i can still look. they are oh so pretty. And besides, what could it hurt to window shop, well except me and the empty feeling of not owning one haha.

Rocco With Antique BrassDiego With Antique BrassAngela Clutch With  Antique Brass HardwareSoft Clutch Black Dumbo / Black Nickel

Robyn Hobo With Rhodium HardwarePrisma Weekender With  Black Nickel HardwareKirsten Clutch With BlackhardwareKirsten Satchel With Matte Black Hardware

Makeup post: modern starlet

Hi all, I know this is an old picture of Megan fox, but I came across it the other day and just wanted to share it all with you. I adore her and think she is absolutely gorgeous, and the makeup choices she has suits her so well. Whoever is styling her is doing it right. It’s not something that she can’t pull off, it’s working with what she has and accentuating it. For me she is my style icon for simple makeup to glamorous do’s. I do have a few I admire, but she is definitely in the top.

So incase you didn’t know this how she looked on a guest appearance on the Jay Leno show, which was dedicated to the US troops. Troy Jensen was the one who created her makeup look and Adir Abergel was the one who created her soft flowing retro waves.

I love the soft, radiant look it has with just a hint of sultryness. For me this is flawless. I have tried recreating this look cause I loved it so much, I think it came out similarish to it. The photos I do have when I wore this look aren’t the best or clearest shots. So I don’t think i’ll share them with you guys just yet. But down the track I will be recreating this look and put up better pictures for you guys. Because I know I’d love to wear this look again the next time I have an event.



Also the photos are from http://megan-fox.net/