The book of skulls

I walked into general pants the other day, and saw this book. I had to buy it. It is a lovely hand stitched book with amazing phototherapy and illustrations. I also do love how General Pants are recently selling more other quickly little things and books.

Skulls have always been fascinating to me, and the way they are portrayed, designed and interpreted through different cultures, beliefs and design principles on how people choose to showcase them will always be inspiring. The cover design is what drew my attention in the first place. It is very reminiscent of the voodoo/Spanish/day of the dead/ New Orleans/ I’m forgetting a word to describe it that’s on the tip of my tongue art style which I adore.

Quick side note my birthday is actually on the day of the dead November 2. Missed out by one day on the day of the saints ( pretty sure jojo will have something to say about this)

I am also a sucker for anything textured as well. The paper is thick and has a nice feel to it. Plus as a bonus the binding is stitched with the binding uncovered like most books, so it just has that extra sensory feel to it, plus it looks more handmade. I do worry through browsing that it’ll eventually wear and tear, but then soon after it will just look like a book that’s been loved. Or in my case been through the wars and have slight chew marks on the side…..

I am on the hunt to find a good supplier online who sells fake skulls for me to paint and design over. So far not much luck but as jojo knows I am persistent and quite a few other things but I’ll just leave it at that….






So, somthing that hasn’t been announced yet is that jojo and myself will be opening up an online store. We will link this soon when it’s up and running on our links tab. Because we know we can’t really sell anything from here properly until we upgrade to .org

Quick little preview of what’s to come will be art and designs made by myself and jojo, jewlery, fashion and maybe some other bits and whatnot.

Oh and some news to, I have talked I one of my good friends who happens to make adorable earrings, we will be collaborating on designs that will only be sold exclusively through Sunday knights store.