Makeup post: modern starlet

Hi all, I know this is an old picture of Megan fox, but I came across it the other day and just wanted to share it all with you. I adore her and think she is absolutely gorgeous, and the makeup choices she has suits her so well. Whoever is styling her is doing it right. It’s not something that she can’t pull off, it’s working with what she has and accentuating it. For me she is my style icon for simple makeup to glamorous do’s. I do have a few I admire, but she is definitely in the top.

So incase you didn’t know this how she looked on a guest appearance on the Jay Leno show, which was dedicated to the US troops. Troy Jensen was the one who created her makeup look and Adir Abergel was the one who created her soft flowing retro waves.

I love the soft, radiant look it has with just a hint of sultryness. For me this is flawless. I have tried recreating this look cause I loved it so much, I think it came out similarish to it. The photos I do have when I wore this look aren’t the best or clearest shots. So I don’t think i’ll share them with you guys just yet. But down the track I will be recreating this look and put up better pictures for you guys. Because I know I’d love to wear this look again the next time I have an event.



Also the photos are from


I’m a princess and this is my tiara.

To follow on from that last post, I know this is a bit off-topic, but I found out that the actress who plays the hilarious Amy Farrah Fowler in TBBT is the same one who played Blossom. And she has a PhD. She could not be more amazing right now.

Panoramas, and Ruins, and Sunshine, oh my!


York – City Library on the left, panning across the small garden/Roman ruins.


Leeds – Such a brilliant day, not a cloud in sight. On the road with the Universities.Image

York – By the side of the Library again, more ruins, more sun.

So, I’ve had an eventful day, and I thought I’d share a high-point with you all – the Sun. That’s right, the sun is a mythical celestial body, oftentimes absent in the north of England. To have sun this early in the year, and for the heat to be so strong already, is a sign of the year that lays ahead. (As a side note, I’d like to point out that I’m almost entirely certain we still had snow around March last year.) This sudden heat spell will end after tomorrow. It will rain on Saturday.

As someone born in a blisteringly hot country and who finished the last four years of school in a different but still swelteringly hot country, it pains me to know that this won’t last. And I still scoff at the British who, at the first sign of true sunlight, start wearing increasingly smaller articles of clothing, and splay their sun-deprived bodies on any patch of green available to them.

Anyway, my day was beautiful and blue, and I hope you’re enjoying your weather, wherever you are. I’m sure I’ll be welcoming the rain come Friday.

Much love –

P.S. Sorry for the crappy panorama shots – I only recently re-equipped myself technologically, and the things my phone can do excite me. You’ll suffer through more in the future, I’m sure!

The book of skulls

I walked into general pants the other day, and saw this book. I had to buy it. It is a lovely hand stitched book with amazing phototherapy and illustrations. I also do love how General Pants are recently selling more other quickly little things and books.

Skulls have always been fascinating to me, and the way they are portrayed, designed and interpreted through different cultures, beliefs and design principles on how people choose to showcase them will always be inspiring. The cover design is what drew my attention in the first place. It is very reminiscent of the voodoo/Spanish/day of the dead/ New Orleans/ I’m forgetting a word to describe it that’s on the tip of my tongue art style which I adore.

Quick side note my birthday is actually on the day of the dead November 2. Missed out by one day on the day of the saints ( pretty sure jojo will have something to say about this)

I am also a sucker for anything textured as well. The paper is thick and has a nice feel to it. Plus as a bonus the binding is stitched with the binding uncovered like most books, so it just has that extra sensory feel to it, plus it looks more handmade. I do worry through browsing that it’ll eventually wear and tear, but then soon after it will just look like a book that’s been loved. Or in my case been through the wars and have slight chew marks on the side…..

I am on the hunt to find a good supplier online who sells fake skulls for me to paint and design over. So far not much luck but as jojo knows I am persistent and quite a few other things but I’ll just leave it at that….