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  1. Hello! I am about to create a wordpress blog for an artist friend of mine and he would also like to sell things on his blog (art prints and some clothing with his artwork on them). All of my research tells me we need to start with a site. He wants to stick with because he is afraid that .org will cost too much and be too hard for us non-computer-savvy-folk to handle. Long story short, I searched wordpress for information about selling on the and your enquiry came up. I noticed that your question was asked in March and a month later you were switching to your new web address/format.

    Did you find to be a better fit? Or did you stick with and just pay extra to use your own domain name? Was it difficult to transition (did you have to start from scratch)? Are you using your new site to sell?

    Any advice you have for us would be helpful. We are so new at this, and without much of a budget don’t want to take any missteps.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Monica,

      lucky i still had this account set with my email or else id never see this post, we dont really use since we’ve moved to .org.

      dont worry i know exactly where your coming from, i was new to blogging and websites as well and had so much trouble. I am still new to this so i’ll help you out as best i can.

      Main difference is with what you want to do is that with the free one you have to be very careful what you sell, you can only sell hand made items, you cant even add an external link or else they can shut down your website.

      There are definitely pro’s and cons between the two.

      – The main reason my friend jo and i switched over to is because we wanted the luxury of being able to control what we do and what we choose to sell.
      – i do like how we have our own domain name
      – To be honest i thought it was expensive at first, we thought it would be an unnecessary cost for us as well, but looking into the prices and what you were able to do with the freedom of setting up, selling, customising your own website as well we made a judgement call and took the plunge. Wasnt as expensive as we thought it would be. We decided to go with a company called godaddy. they do send alot of emails, but they where great with helping me set up the site because i was doing it all wrong.and its all in one, the host and the domain, less things for me to worry about.

      – you basically pay for the domain for 1 yr, and then hosting i believe every few months. the prices are really good there.

      – it wasnt difficult to transition, apart from getting used to the new layout and what you can do.if you have a previous website you can just save it all as a file and import it into the new one.

      – we also got fed up with how you couldnt change or customise the website, even the font without paying extra.

      – i have sold a few items, but not directly from the website, which is something we want to do down the track. we just arent sure how to do it the best way. plus with the paid website you can add in check out carts, paypal information etc etc. you really can turn it into a proper running estore.

      – hm id say, definitely seems like it is its own community, and by that i mean you can easily read blogs and like and comment on posts all within the tab reader. find a topic your interested in and follow and like. So traffic wise, i think it was easier to do on the .com i could see how many likes, how followed etc. but with the .org one ( and i might be wrong) there is no like button, so you dont know if people like what they ready unless they comment about it. since its your own paying website its not as connected within the dashboard. on my dashboard on the .org website i can see my site stats where people have viewed my pages ( but then again no likes), you can view them through the app on an iphone and stuff like on the reader tab and choose topics, but not wthin the dash or when your logged in, which i miss.. but like i said, one is community and one is stand alone.

      generating traffic is slower i believe and harder with the .org one. even after changing over, things are only starting to pick up now, but thats also because we had a big lag with our posts due to sickness and jo being at uni. you do need to work hard to generate your own traffic. good quality posts, frequently and have good publicity as well. what people are doing is having their main website, but have side ones as well or apps like tumblr and instagram just to show some pictures and refer back to their website for more. just another way to generate more traffic.

      – heres a link i found with just a quick comparison between the two.

      hope that helps, if you need more help please go to since we no longer use the site so there wont be any communication issues. once its up id love to have a link to your site to see how it went.

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