Outfit post: purple galaxy

this is my cousin candice, just a little outfit post of her and her outfit. We did plan on doing one when her pants and boots arrived but this became a spur of the moment type thing. I love her pants, not sure if i could pull this off, but she definitely could. Legs went on forever in her heels, haha felt even shorter standing next to her.



So, somthing that hasn’t been announced yet is that jojo and myself will be opening up an online store. We will link this soon when it’s up and running on our links tab. Because we know we can’t really sell anything from here properly until we upgrade to .org

Quick little preview of what’s to come will be art and designs made by myself and jojo, jewlery, fashion and maybe some other bits and whatnot.

Oh and some news to, I have talked I one of my good friends who happens to make adorable earrings, we will be collaborating on designs that will only be sold exclusively through Sunday knights store.